High Caliber Networking Intensive

By amplifying every facet of your social savvy, The High Caliber Networking Intensive will prepare you for networking at the highest level. We'll be with you every step of the way to ensure you're forming the positive habits necessary for building and maintaining connections, using and understanding body language, developing a memorable personal brand, extending your influence, always bringing value to the table, and consistently growing well after the program concludes.
This High Caliber Networking Intensive will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone over the course of 12 sessions and guide you toward what it takes to excel in social situations both personal and professional. But you won't go it alone! In fact, we've put our best people in charge of ensuring your success.
These sessions are led by Advanced Human Dynamics co-founders Jordan Harbinger -- our resident Wall Street lawyer turned talk show host -- and Robert Fulton -- our in-house philanthropist who strives to contribute to the growth of humanity through mentoring.
Areas of Focus Include:
  • Conversing with brilliant body language and the nuances of nonverbal communication to punctuate your networking efforts with an undercurrent of quiet authority.
  • Understanding the deep psychology of the superconnector: how to become the center of your network and keep track of your connections without making it a full-time job.
  • Hosting the can't-miss events of a lifetime with peerless hospitality that makes your every introduction feel like a reunion with an old friend..

What Is It?
Taken as a whole, The High Caliber Networking Intensive will pull you to the center of your social nexus among the elite by ensuring you're operating at peak performance in personal branding, nonverbal communication, advanced value, superconnecting, deep psychology, influence, planning events no one will want to miss, and continual growth in new skill sets.
What It Comes With:
  • 12 sessions with practical exercises designed to elevate you to the top of your networking game.
  • Regular reminders to keep you from lapsing.
  • Personal help along the way to ensure you're reaching your High Caliber Networking Intensive goals in a timely fashion.

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